Finished Projects

foto International Day of the Girl Child

The United Nations declared October 11 as the world's International Day of the Girl Child. The United Nations General Assembly Resolution on the International Day of the Girl Child, approved on December 19, 2011 reads:
“To help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.”
The International Day of the Girl Child promotes equal treatment and opportunities for girls around the world in areas such as law, nutrition, health care, education, training, and freedom from violence and abuse.
When girls understand their human rights, they are more likely to exercise them. They are also more likely to become leaders and to join others in raising their voices and calling for change.
S.M.D.G. organized on Oct 11, 2013 a 1-day workshop for 58 participating girls on the International Day of the Girl Child and importance of the girl ́s education. The morning sessions were dedicated to the “Global Girls Project” and its underlying 16 principles. The afternoon session was dedicated to sports and games.

foto In the area of our activities - Knowledge society - we have worked to set up a non-paid internship program designed for the university students graduating in psychology to work in elementary schools. They focus on the field of "Psycho-Hygiene" of children between 6 - 10 years. In cooperation with competent educational staff they conduct collective talks, engage children in different games, give lectures and demonstrations, play instructional videos and various other activities to help in the development of children's knowledge base. S.M.D.G. is the sponsor assisting in identifying schools that participate in this program, specialized lectures and attractive demonstrations.

foto S.M.D.G. co-organized the 4th International European Mediation Network Initiative Conference – EMNI that was held on 10 – 12 May 2012 in Bratislava, Slovakia

foto On 22 June 2012, the Slovak Police Mounted Division of the Department of Cynology and Hippology at the Presidium of the Slovak Police has supported a project of SMDG at the Boarding school for visually impaired children. Children had the opportunity to observe interesting but at the same time demanding work of a hippologist police officer. The Police officers talked with children about the duties of the Mounted Police Force, about how much time is devoted to horse training, grooming and care and other issues related to their work. Children were delighted to see a demonstration of the officers horsemanship and the most courageous of them could ride a real police horse. The project contributed to building knowledge, awareness and promoted physical activity among the visually impaired children.

foto On 6 June 2012, SMDG in cooperation with the Mountain Rescue Service of Slovakia organized a half-day event for blind and visually impaired children of the Boarding School at Svrčia Street in Bratislava. Members of the Mountain Rescue Service demonstrated to the children the work of search and rescue dogs and responded to children’s questions about the rescue work in the mountains and caves aiding people in distress. Children could also try out a small-scale zip line that was set up for their entertainment. The event was aimed at providing education along with exercise and fun to children with disabilities.

foto 06 – 13 September 2011, SMDG received its partner from Jordan. Following previous negotiations, product offer and presentation of Slovak experts our Jordanian colleagues had the first hand opportunity to familiarize themselves with quality of our offer. The partner was presented on-site with the potential of proposed cooperation, meetings were held with experts associated with SMDG and last but not least we have discussed in detail about the know-how of our experts partnered with SMDG concerning a project that is already being implemented. We were pleased that they were satisfied with their visit to Slovakia and they want to put our products and expertise in practice.

foto 10 October 2011 Following earlier discussions concerning potential cooperation our partner from Sudan visited Slovakia. The visit was aimed at the issues of our know-how transfer in the area of IT security. Our team has presented samples of our work, ideas and proposals for using Slovak resources in Sudan. We were encouraged with the exchange of views and ideas in this respect that moved us closer to future collaboration.

foto August 15 – 18, 2011 Consultations with partner search and rescue team from Kyrgyzstan. Among topics discussed was transfer of experience in the area of prevention, rescue and assistance in response to natural and human-made disasters during and in the aftermath in the phase of recovery. Furthermore the prospects of establishing a voluntary firefighters brigade in Kyrgyzstan. We have invited the KRMGA to visit Slovakia in order to present our company, experience and technical equipment that might be appropriate for emergency situations in Kyrgyzstan.

foto On 14-17 July 2011 - participation at the international conference and workshop in Warsaw, Poland about engagement of women in politics. The event was dedicated to politically active women in the countries of Central Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland). Over the past two decades each of these countries has undergone profound transformation in society, politics and the economy. Nonetheless, gender relations have remained largely unchanged and burdened by typical gender bias in nearly all areas of life and work.

foto 22 June 2011 SMDG co-organized a series of lectures for students from Ukraine about the EU integration processes. We were very much pleased with the fruitful discussion that ensued showing the great interest of students in EU affairs.

foto 56.Pieštany Festival - 16.6.-15.7.2011

foto The 8th Energy Congress EN KO 2011 was held in Bratislava Hotel Bôrik on 7 – 8 June 2011. The Congress was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy of Slovakia.

Vision for energy industry in the 21st century was selected as the main theme of the Congress.

The discussions focused on the 3 main topics:
- Strategy and vision for the future
- Nuclear energy – a sure bet, the use of the technical and human potential of Slovakia
- The future of the energy industry – sustainability, renewable resources, smart grids, small energy sources, island systems, network security, what will be the imapct of Fukushima, from chaos to strategy

SMDG was represented by Mrs. Olga Algayerova, who delivered a statement on “The Impact of Fukushima and the outlook for the energy industry in the coming years.”

We discussed with the participating experts the prospects of future cooperation and sharing of expertise in projects our organization is planning to carry out in the near future. We agreed to hold further consultations with the experts to review the project plans of SMDG in greater detail.

foto SMDG appreciated and financialy supported a book under preparation of Emíre KHIDAYER who has worked as the first lady in Slovak diplomacy specialized in Middle Eastern affairs.
She worked in Egypt from 1997 to 2000, where she covered bilateral Slovak relations with Egypt, Sudan and Yemen and at the same time multilateral policies within the League of Arab States. Then she worked in Kuwait as Head of Mission from 2001 to 2004, where she opened the Seasonal Consulate of the Slovak Republic three times. In 2003 she entered as the first Slovak diplomat to postwar Iraq where she used to make special trips with the aim of re-opening the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Baghdad and other logistics tasks.
- After she left diplomacy she has decided to use her abundant experience through publishing and now she is author of two non-fiction books and one fiction. Currently she is working on a new book, this time in cooperation with a master of documentary photography Alan Hyža. The goal is to bridge different cultures and in order to know local Arab atmosphere, co-authors of the project have to travel a lot through the Arab countries that is financially demanding, incurring a considerable amount of money.
- SMDG deals not only with development cooperation, but works and cooperates with humanitarian aid organisations which want to use their heart for the good of each project. This is the reason why SMDG decided to support financially the project of Emíre Khidayer who will (by means of literature) promote interest in life in developing countries.


On May 24, 2011 we participated at the workshop in the capital of the Republic of Sudan, in Khartoum, on „The Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Peace and Development in the Post Referendum Sudan“ organized by the National Assembly and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan. In the Parliament we were discussing with women-members of Parliament about the status and rights of Sudanese women. In the local diplomatic club we lectured together with Czech colleagues at the workshop on „The experience of Czech and Slovakia after Separation“. We visited the camp for refugees and also headquarters of UNAMID in Darfur. At the EU delegation to Sudan we met ambassador Carlo De Filippi, the Head of Delegation.


foto 23 – 25.05. 2011 we were participated at The 4th Workshop in support of the South East Europe Regional Approach to Stockpile Reduction (RASR) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
This workshop was focused on ammunition and weapons stockpile reduction in southern east European region, where it presents important safety and humanitarian danger in almost all countries of this region.
Both competent humanitarian organizations and representatives of ministries of defense and general staffs of countries from the region were present at the workshop. For us this workshop was great opportunity not only to introduce our company SMDG - for a first time at such forum – but also to communicate with partners directly.
In the fruitful discussions were evaluated competent procedures of participants at different projects and we had an opportunity to hear about their gained experiences how to effectively develop regional approach towards fulfillment of set targets of the project. At that point also we had an opportunity to share our experiences and our offers how we can be contributory at finding best solutions of possible problems on the way to successful execution of projects. It is a great challenge for us to cooperate further in this sphere.

foto Mr. Kutlik, one of the members of SMDG, was nominated to represent Slovakia in the project of the European Commission , Directorate of General Justice under the name "Removing obstacles to access to Justice through mediation in Europe: ensuring enforcement and a smooth cooperation with judicial and non-judicial authorities". Project is running from 1 May 2011 till 30 April 2013 and is focused on involvement of mediation into the EU’s law. Its outcome should be elaboration of the set of recommendations for intensification of the use of mediation in the disputes with the cross –border element.

foto Concerning our services in the area of “mediation”, we have co-hosted on April 29, 2011 for the first time a conference at the University of János Selye in Komarno, Slovakia. This was a first consultative meeting of Slovak and Hungarian experts in mediation with the aim to:
a/ Establish personal contacts
b/ Exchange information about the possibilities of mediation for the improvement of bilateral relations between the two countries
c/ Prepare a Memorandum of future cooperation
d/ Discuss the preparations for the Conference “Mediation as a tool for building bridges between Slovakia and Hungary, which is scheduled to take place on 27 October 2011 in Komárno

foto On April 24, 2011 we made a business trip to Slovenia to attend the negotiation with the representatives of ITF Ig Slovenia. We had the opportunity to learn about the work of the ITF Company and give a presentation about our organization – SMDG, with the focus on demining, delaboration and search for booby-traps. Due to the fact that SMDG offers demining, delaboration and search for booby-traps as part of its expanding humanitarian portfolio and that the main activity of ITF is exactly to provide these kind of services, we discussed the opportunity to partner and cooperate in this area. We had the opportunity to present both, the products of our partners and the team directly involved in the demining and detection of explosive devices. We had agreed to meet again on the SMDG premises in Slovakia in order to showcase our activities and equipment of our team in this area.

foto March 2011 SMDG and the Professional Association of Tatra Rescue Services signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation. The agreed to pursue joint activities in mountain search and rescue operations and in response to wilderness emergencies. They declared their readiness to share their experience with developing countries interested in cooperation. We are looking forward to our future cooperation.

foto On March 1st, 2011 we negotiated with the Slovak Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) the possibility of cooperating in the area of search and rescue services. We discussed the possibility to cooperate in the area of search operations, calamities, natural disaster, both in Slovakia and abroad using the experts and equipment available to SMDG. We have agreed preliminary on the collaboration in this area. We are in the preparation of an agreement to be signed between MRS and SMDG.

foto 08 February 2011 – Signature of Agreement of Cooperation between SMDG and Kyrgyz Rescue in the Mountain Guide Association. The agreement extends to joint cooperation in response to natural disasters, prevention and rescue in mountains. SMDG has a alpine rescue team that prides itself on its many years of humanitarian effort and its reputation of capability and safety. The team of mountain rescue specialists with extensive field experience is ready to share knowledge and expertise and provide training in various fields of mountaineering skills and rescue techniques as well as in improving emergency medical capabilities in any given country to prepare workers for humanitarian service in the field.