Schengen Zone Consulting

We offer our experience from the following areas related to the Schengen Area border control system:

Basic attributes of harmonization of the domestic legislation with the Schengen acquis in the area of external borders. This entails an essential analysis of Schengen acguis and comparison with domestic legislation, definition of key differences and proposal for required legislative changes.

Organizational and staff needs for securing and control of external borders of the Schengen area, intrastate, police and interagency cooperation. Proposal for an effective organizational structure and human resources, coordination of collaboration of institutions responsible for monitoring and control of the external borders.

Education and training of police officers responsible for monitoring and control of the external borders. Building and improving capabilities of personnel, their professional skills and abilities required for effective border checks and patrolling of the external borders.

Logistics and technical equipment and support of border control and surveillance at the external borders, adapting the infrastructure for an effective execution of border control at the external borders.

Organization and administration of compensation measures at the external borders of the Schengen area and inside of member states. This includes various forms and methods related to uncovering illegal activities carried out by foreigners, illegal workers and their solutions by implementing measures aimed at detaining foreigners, their deportation, readmission and voluntary returns.

International cooperation related to the protection of external border with neigbouring countries, with the members of the Schengen area and FRONTEX Agency. Collaboration in the area of implementing the readmission agreements, deportation, voluntary returns, risk analysis, information and best practices exchange. Multilateral international cooperation in the framework of international organizations, such as ICMPD, IOM, etc.

Activities of a Schengen area member state in third countries, especially in countries of illegal immigration origin and transit countries. This concerns particularly the work of immigration liaison officers, documents specialists, effective involvement in and use of international information system of travel documents - FADO, consular collaboration and preventive measures.

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