Search And Rescue Team

We offer a comprehensive range of search and rescue services:

Comprehensive - We provide a rapid and effective assistance in the area of humanitarian emergency relief and disaster response, protection of human lives, natural environment and property of communities stricken by man-made or natural disasters.

Centralized - The team consists of a diverse professionally trained personnel base skilled in search and rescue operations in mountain and urban settings. Team members participate in different support or rescue categories, depending on individual skills and participation levels.

Rescue - We are committed to relieve human suffering whenever and wherever it is needed

Service - We serve to rescue and protect lives and property. We bring worldwide experience and professionalism.

For every crisis situation we can organize and plan a search and rescue operation specified to your need.
foto foto foto Our area of activity:
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Storm rainfall
  • Windstorm
  • Snow blizzard
  • Oil industry accident
  • Chemical accident
  • Disinfection
  • Disinfestations
  • Decontamination of human body and/or objects and materiel
  • Search of lost and missing persons and property
  • Airplane disasters
  • Water rescue and recoveries
  • Diving and underwater recovery
  • Canine search and recovery
  • Traffic accident
  • Work at high and low altitudes
  • Assistance to Police
  • Assistance to Fire Department
  • Assistance to Civil Defense and Crisis Management Centers
  • Explosion
  • Medical assistance
  • Transportation of injured from hard to access areas
  • Logistics support in emergency situations and disaster
  • Logistic support at art, sport or social events
Our core values and principles

We adhere to strict rules and procedures when planning, organizing and deploying a mission in accordance with INSARAG guidelines (International Search and Rescue Advisory Group). Our humanitarian response is governed by international principles and good practice as defined by the international humanitarian law.

- humanity
- neutrality
- impartiality
- independence

When providing humanitarian help we work closely with local institutions and partner organizations to deliver effective help in the spirit of solidarity. We always respect local laws, culture and customs, security and safety of the people and property.
The times in which our team can be activated to leave the base /deployment area for a specific search and rescue operation are as follows:

Slovakia 60 min. /1-hours./
Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland 180 min. /3-hours./
Other European states 360 min. /6-hours./
Worldwide 720 min. /12-hours./
foto We aim to facilitate self-sustaining processes for post-crisis recovery, restoration of basic services, livelihoods, shelter, governance, mine action, security and the rule of law, environment and social dimensions, including the reintegration of displaced populations. We offer to assist with a smooth transition to long-term recovery based on development principles.
We offer to individuals, governments and institutions capacity building for disaster management, Risk and vulnerability assessment, Development of training materials, Support to mitigation programs and Coordination. Our team is certified to provide advanced search and rescue training.

See an example of our mission in Haiti in January 2010:

Our team worked in Haiti after this country was hit by a devastating earthquake in January last year. We have built field hospitals, disinfected strategic buildings including the largest hospital in Port-au-Prince, sources of drinking water, sewer systems, tent camps, places with high concentration of people, first aid areas and facilities, embassies, UN and EU missions, headquarters (during the stay we were able to disinfect about 80 per cent of strategic points in Port-au-Prince and surrounding area). Our medical team attended to the earthquake victims including providing surgical treatment when necessary.
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foto Our search and rescue team is composed of
Rescue & Search 135
Disinfection & Disinsection 16
Cynologists 40
Technicians 47

Our team members have certification for the following areas of expertise:

- Rescue worker
- Firefighter
- Fire rescue technician
- Search and rescue dog handler
- Health worker
- Medical Doctor
- Lifeguard
- Diver
- Watercraft driver
- Paramedic – first aid treatment
- Chemist
- Climber
- Mechanic
- Radio operator
- Professional driver
- Helicopter winchman
- Radar Operator (Helicopter)

All our members of staff have undergone extended medical check-ups, psychological examination and following vaccinations:
Since our establishment in 2000 our search and rescue team had participated in 4000 missions in Slovakia
and 13 international operations, including 5 overseas deployments (see map):

Turkey - Earthquake
Taiwan - Earthquake
Hungary - Floods
- Snow blizzard
- Airplane crash
- Windstorm
Ukraine - Floods
Czech Republic - Floods
Iran - Earthquake
Sri Lanka - Tsunami
Romania - Floods
Pakistan - Earthquake (disinfection)
Haiti - Earthquake

Our search and rescue team has state-of-the-art equipment and gear
See samples here >>

Here you can find ISO certificates awarded to our team >>