foto We believe that regional or international conflicts can be best resolved without resorting to the use of violence and arms, i.e. trough mediation, reducing tension and facilitating the negotiation process between parties involved. Slovakia with its history of non-violence, recent historical events such as the Velvet Revolution or the peaceful split of the Czechoslovak Federation as well as its international reputation and notable diplomatic personalities meets all necessary conditions for being a credible, trustworthy, neutral and successful mediator.
The task of our team is not only to conduct observer missions, mapping the situation in crisis areas, familiarizing itself with a problem, but also getting actively involved in a conflict situation and through mediation services and monitoring, audit and consultations ensuring that dormant tensions, or trivial disputes do not develop into a real conflict that would get out of control with all negative consequences.
Members of our team have all personal and professional qualities needed to steer daily peace mediation at the level of communication between e.g. various ethnicities and their representatives, or between citizens and government institutions and agencies. It has been proven that a successful engagement of a single peace mediator is often much more effective than ten armoured combat vehicles.

foto We are offering a special course for employees of banking and financial institutions aimed at successfully handling a confrontation with armed robbers in order to prevent injury or loss of life. A professional team with international experience is prepared to train your staff how to best deal with a crisis situation and minimize its negative consequences for individuals and the whole institution. Combining theory with practical exercises we will coach your banking and financial personnel to effectively communicate with the perpetrator in order to manage the risky moments during an armed robbery.

Basic information

One day course in range of approximately 6 hours aimed at handing the contact with armed robber.
The course will provide:
  • Theoretical explanation of patterns which occur in such situations
  • Simulation of real situation , which can take place during an armed robbery
  • Practical training of techniques and procedures aimed at:
    • Mitigating the escalation of tension in the perpetrator
    • Relaxation of the employee himself/herself under the duress
    • Prevention of damage to health and loss of life
    • Tactical rules of communicating with the perpetrator
    • Extracting information which at a later stage could help in the identification of the perpetrator
The course is designed for:
  • Employees of banks and financial intstitutions
  • Postal workers
  • Employees of Pawnshops, Jewelry Stores and other businesses where there is an elevated risk of armed robbery