foto Providing integrated information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and services with specialization on Data Centers and IT Infrastructure, ICT Security, Physical Security, Risk Analyses, Audits and Penetration Testing, Design and Implementation, Specialized Cabling, Power Generators, UPS, HVAC, LAN, WAN and Mobile Networks, Secure Data Transfer of Voice and Video, IP telephony, Radio technology, BCP/DRP and Project management.

In the area of ITC our partner is specializing in management and technology. The company is providing optimal solutions through an in-depth analysis using state of the art technology. Determination and experience help solve problems. We are always professional, loyal to customers, discrete and reliable. We are here for you, to help you define, analyze, and through optimal way reach your objectives. We have great experience with creating customized highly achievable (HA), reliable, safe, distributed Data Centers and IT infrastructure based on:
  • Servers
  • „Application delivery“ and „traffic management“
  • Operation systems
  • SAN infrastructure and „data storage“
  • Database environment
  • Management and monitoring tools
  • Tools for monitoring of the „end user experience“
  • IT services

These data centers monitored through a Service Operation Center with 24/7 support constitute an ideal ICT infrastructure for secure operations of your information systems such as ERP systems, including logistic support, accounting, HR, CRM, MRP, EIS, etc. We offer communication systems, complete portfolio of services containing design, implementation and support of stationary and mobile communication systems for governments and private businesses.
We integrate COTS with special technology for projects:
  • LAN, WAN and MAN for transfer of data, voice and video based on standards and protocols just like: Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN,  X.25, IPv4, IPv6, MPLS, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, ISIS, RIP, PBR and switches, routers and other network equipment from renowned manufacturers of communication systems
  • Optical Networks based on DWDM, CWDM, SONET/SDH technology
  • IP Telephony and Videoconference
  • Network services at L1— L7 ISO OSI
  • Radio communication based on commercial or specialized HF, VHF, UHF or microwave LOS, WiFi and satellite radio technology
foto During design and integration of communication systems we focus on reliability, availability, security, modularity, scalability, low maintenance, QoS and interoperability.

We offer maximum security against cyber attacks and loss of data:
  • Comprehensive audits of security, risk analysis, security policy development in line with your internal regulations and international standards and national legislation.
  • Design and implementation of penetration tests with preparation of detailed reports and proposals for eliminating or minimizing potential risks.
  • ICT infrastructure security by means of fire-walls, IDS/IPS, antivirus systems, NAC, AAA, VPN (PPTP, IPSec, SSL, MPLS), ACL, identity management, patch management etc
  • Delivery, integration and configuration of certified appliances
  • Design and implementation of physical and property security
  • Centralized monitoring and security management
  • We have experience with designing and realization of projects in the field of classified information systems security in line with the domestic legislation in force.

Do you know how to proceed in case of a natural disaster or terrorist attack? Do you know the risk and probability of such situation? We offer you:
  • Audit of current status
  • Risk and Impact Analyses
  • Solution Design and Development - plans, procedures and technology solution architecture
  • Solution Implementation
  • Testing and Accepting - full acceptance of a BCP/DRP plan and acceptance of a solution is the most important part
  • Maintenance (regular testing and updating is recommended)

foto Don’t wait until it’s late!

Integral part is the support infrastructure:
  • Cable systems
  • UPS and generators
  • Fire prevention systems
  • Air Conditioning and Filter Ventilation
  • Racks for internal and external use for telecommunication and data centers
  • Container units suitable for field conditions and transportation
  • Mobil operation centers, suitable for enforcement and government security agencies

Requirements placed on infrastructure keep getting higher and the proper solutions are becoming ever more complex. Leave the design and implementation to us. We promise you an effective and functioning infrastructure customized according to your needs.

We are also engaged in the area of project management, where we offer the following services:
  • Project Management according to international standards or methodologies just like: APM, PMI, PRINCE2 or aligned with your internal directives or methodology
  • Program Management as a superset of Project Management with an assurance of continuity and consistency
  • Quality Management according to international standards just like ISO, AQAP or according to your specification
  • Risk Management from identification through evaluation and management up to reduction via management tools and methodology
  • Development and implementation of Corporate Standards and Guidelines just like ITIL defined Configuration Management, Change Management, Help Desk etc.