De-mining & Delaboration

foto We offer top of the line and individually tailored solutions for de-mining, clearing of improvised explosive systems buried in ground. Our aim is to provide the best solutions in high threat areas. The system is also applicable in field conditions. We have a high-qualified professional team skilled in de-mining, delaboration and disposal of ammunition, research and development of specialized equipment in this area meeting the highest standard in the world. We provide a complex system able to fulfill all needs you may need towards elimination of risks associated with de-mining and clearing of mines ranging from detection to safe ecological liquidation. In addition, we provide training and consulting services as well as search, delaboration and disposal of ammunition. Our technological and human resources belong to the best in the world industry. Our team of experts can provide professional analysis with on-demand solutions, or to the required professional work to minimize the risk of life-threatening exposure. Our de-mining system provides a high level of safety for its operator in all cases of threats to life from mines. There are only two ways how to accomplish de-mining and clearing of mines. It is either with the help of the Army or through humanitarian assistance. None of them can provide a full-scale solution, only a safe passage through designated route. Our system provides a complex removal of security risks in the mine-affected areas.
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